February 25th, 2009

Emotions are powerful. They effect your mental, but also your physical health. Being happy, laughing, being at peace at heart are emotions that not only promote cardiovascular health, but also assist to heal the entire body.

December 8th, 2008

Along with carbohydrates, fats are an important source of fuel for the body, particularly for active people. Yet, it is the one nutrient we all fear as it is often linked to the main causes of death, including heart attacks, cancer, and stroke. However, dietary fat is an essential nutrient, required to form our body’s cell membranes, regulate metabolism, and provide the energy we need.

While we all need dietary fat, there are six significant “fat mistakes” in the typical western diet that we all should try to avoid.

US researchers found that air pollution seems to be a serious contributor for heart disease and strokes particularly in older women.

Consumption of chocolate has been often hypothesized to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease due to chocolate’s high levels of stearic acid and antioxidant flavonoids. However, debate still lingers regarding the true long term beneficial cardiovascular effects of chocolate overall.