September 16th, 2009

Most people think of inflammation as the painful component of arthritis. However, inflammation can be an underlying cause of various chronic diseases such as allergies, heart disease and cancer.

The entire concept of adaptogens grew out of the belief that even in this high-tech age where science is king, nature can still provide a consistency, a superiority, a degree of quality that laboratories and assembly lines simply cannot attain. Nature provides certain plants that help the body adapt and cope with dy-stress. Continue to read all about adaptogenic substances.

November 2nd, 2008

Regeneration describes the process by which the body is constantly renewing itself. When the quality of our food is consistently higher than the quality of our existing cells our body is made of, the body begins to discard the lower grade materials and tissues to make room for the superior materials, which it uses to make new and healthier tissues - which become you. Find out how you can turn on the regeneration process!

October 3rd, 2008

Diet is what you eat. Digestion is the bridge between diet and nutrition. Nutrition is what your cells receive. Degeneration or Regeneration are the result.

Where are you heading? Where do you want to go?