February 9th, 2009

We are still in the cold season and it seems that many people around us have been suffering from cold symptoms. Several individuals I know seem to hardly be able to get over one cold before they catch the next, it appears. Most adults come down with two to five colds a year. However, just because this is what “seems normal” does not mean it has to be that way. There are plenty of ways how to bullet-proof your body to avoid colds and other infections or at least minimize the impact and the duration of it.

Mostly everyone of us will get a cold or influenza every now and then. The following natural remedies can soften the symptoms of the common cold and flu.

Most people get between two and four colds a year. However, with a strong immune system, the amount of colds can be significantly reduced and the symptoms may not be lasting as long and cause much less discomfort.