What You Need To Know About Inflammation

Typical symptoms of inflammation include redness, swelling, pain, and sometimes loss of movement or function. Inflammation is a process by which the body’s white blood cells and chemicals protect us from infection and foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses.

Inflammation can be defined as a localized tissue reaction to an injury, irritation, or infection. Most people think of inflammation as the painful component of arthritis. However, inflammation can be an underlying cause of various chronic diseases such as allergies, heart disease and cancer.

Eating the wrong kinds of food can causes a constant low-grade inflammation in the body, even if you do not notice a thing. Over time, chronically inflamed organs and tissues will deplete organs of vital nutrients, build up toxins and degenerate. This kind of internal inflammation can happen in any body part, organ and tissue.

If there is a constant inflammation in the body, the immune system has to permanently fight this. Unless the immune system gets the right kinds of anti-inflammatory nutrients through diet, it may not be strong enough to protect the body against other things that can come up, such as abnormal cell growth in various tissues.

Many clients have told me that they don’t really know how to eat healthy. Or they have no time to cook and eat a healthy diet. With their incredibly busy schedules and high stress lifestyles they think they are too busy to cook healthy foods. Thus, many resort to eat fast and processed foods that are high in pro-inflammatory ingredients, such as trans fats, sugars, refined starches, processed meats, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. A steady diet of these kinds of foods spikes blood sugar and can also cause the body to stop responding to fat-regulating hormones, resulting in diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Many of our modern convenience foods are everything but healthy foods. They actually terribly confuse our bodies. Our bodies are made to recognize “real food” just the way God intended us to have it. Our bodies are not made to handle denatured foods, unnatural preservatives, food colorings, artificial sweeteners and the like. This is why inflammation is a natural immune response to these foods.

Today, people eat approximately 16 times less fish than they used to 100 years ago. Sure there is the issue of pollution. However, since our bodies and brains need the essential fatty acids (omega 3 fatty acids) that fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and cod provide, one would be well advised to buy fish that comes from cold clean waters or get a high quality fish oil supplement that provides these essential fats. And this is something that even those who stay away from junk food and unhealthy fats should do.

Fish oil benefits are far greater than reducing inflammation. Fish oil supports for instance mental health, improves concentration, supports eye health. It helps lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar levels. Fish oil supplements are available in liquid form or in easy-to-swallow capsules. If they come from a clean source, there are no negative fish oil side effects, other than that it could possibly be causing a bad taste from repeating. However, that is easy-to fix. Just keep the fish oil capsules in the freezer or the fridge. A very good brand is Salmon Oil Plus (www.happycells.gnld.net). It not only offers a pure source of the highest quality fish oil, it actually contains the whole family of omega 3 fatty acids, since it not only contains muscle oil from salmon but also herring, mackerel and anchovies. Salmon Oil Plus is 100% free of environmental pollutants and most people notice a difference in the way they feel within the first couple weeks.

A further cause of inflammation is an acid-alkaline imbalance in the body. Experts agree that an acidic pH leads to toxicity that creates an unfriendly environment for the healing of inflamed cells. You can get yourself some ph-paper and do a simple urine test. A healthy ph is between 6.5 and 7.5. Anything below that puts you on dangerous ground.

If your ph is too low, you should seriously stay away from refined foods, coffee, black tea, alcohol, sugar, and fruit juice, moderate your intake of meats, dairy, grains and sweet fruits. Instead, you should increase your consumption of all kinds of vegetables, especially leafy green veggies, herbs, spices, legumes walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, fish, olives and olive oil. Not only will those foods help increase you alkalinity, reduce chronic inflammation, they also provide important building blocks for repairing and building healthy cells, produce more energy and help achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The best tasting green food powder I have found so far is Scoop of Greens (www.phporder.com/happycells). It tastes good in cranberry and pineapple juice as well as in apple sauce. Not only will Scoop of greens help increase you alkalinity, it will also help increase your stamina and assist in weight management. (Opt for 2 servings daily.)

I strongly recommend you to read the book “What About That Rainbow?” – (www.whataboutthatrainbow.com). This easy to read and easy to understand book on health, diet and nutrition will give you all the answers and guidance you need to get a healthy body. It is like having your own nutritionist living with you. Not only will you learn about how your body works, what it needs, what harms it, how you can feed it to encourage the regeneration process and consequently how to lower your cholesterol and reduce inflammation, how to loose weight and maintain it.

You will learn about several different food pyramids, super foods, good fat, bad fats, you will get lot’s of healthy eating tips and much more . It will also provide you with 150 wholesome, fast and easy recipes for delicious meals, including a large variety of healthy snack and breakfast foods that are the basis for a balanced diet. You can read about the benefits of every dish and how long it takes to prepare it. Many things can be prepared in 15 minutes or less, which is helpful when developing healthy eating habits. On top of everything, you are doing a favor to more people than yourself; for every copy of the book you purchase (paper or electronic version), you will feed a family of four in a Third world country for a whole week.

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