How To Strengthen Your Immune System

You may consider your immune system as your very own private department of defense. It consists of the front troops (skin and nose hair), the main troops (thymus, spleen, lymph network, bone marrow, white blood cells) and the back troops (memory cells), that stay around to assure, that no known and defeated invader dares to come back.

Our defense department is designed to wage radical warfare and to repair the damage done. However, if the system has been over loaded by a high intake of “bad” fats, processed foods, sugars, and chemical toxins, and has not received enough support from the essential nutrients, it may not be able to work efficiently. The “troops” may be hungry or tired and there may simply not enough “soldiers” to fight.

Many research studies have proven that inadequate nutrition in the American diet sabotages our immune system. Research further shows that an enzyme-rich diet high in fiber, low in fat, with optimum levels of quality protein, fatty acids and micronutrients empowers the system.

To strengthen immunity, and to protect yourself against the ravages of free radicals and other foreign invaders, the safest and most effective solution is to increase your intake of natural enzyme, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole food concentrate-supplements.

Antioxidants, when combined with optimum levels of all other essential nutrients build T cells (killer cells). Those killer cells attack and eat up free radicals, and thus help protect your body from oxidation. Science has not caught up with the research of all phyto-nutrients. However, it has found that there are highly protective and immunity-boosting foods that contain large amounts of antioxidants such as carotenoids (precursors of vitamin A), flavonoids, cruciferous compounds, sulphur compounds, catechins, vitamin C, E and selenium. These nutrients are nature’s natural protectors.

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