Diet - Nutrition - Regeneration

Would you buy an appliance, computer, or a car and never read the manual?  Most people would not.  Not most women.  You spent a lot of money on the item and you want to get the best use of it.  Most certainly, you do not want to ruin it prematurely. Unfortunately, most people have never ever taken the time to understand how their own priceless bodies work, what makes them run well and what slows them down and gets them sick.  If there seems to be something wrong, we seek the help of a medical professional.  Let them fix us.  It is their job.  Isn’t?  Sometimes they can fix us, but sometimes help comes too late.  Our physical hard drives are fried, the engines are stuck.  Then what are YOU going to do about that? My advise is find out how to best take care of your body and maintain it accordingly. Your diet determines what gets into your body. The health and condition of your digestive system determines what you digest.  What you digest and what you do not digest determines how much and what quality nutrients your cells receive and how many toxins and fee radicals your body has to neutralize and discard.  The quality and quantity of the nutrients your body receives impact your entire system. It effects your defense, circulatory, digestive, endocrine and exocrine system which will eventually effect your neurological health, and your energy and your bodies capability to handle environmental toxins, bacteria, viruses, and stress. Your diet and nutrition determine the road you are traveling. Are you heading toward degeneration or toward regeneration that includes vibrant health and vitality? Why don’t you make a quality decision and do yourself the favor to feed your body what it truly needs?

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