Avoid Gaining Weight In The Winter

It seems to happen to many of us. After we get up from our winter slumber, some of our cloths just don’t sit right any more, and that scale…. gee, it’s got to be lying…. It is not uncommon for many people to gain between 3-10 pounds during the winter. But, it does not have to happen. Here are a few principles and ways that can be very helpful to enjoy the cold season with it’s holidays without adding inches to our waist line. 

1.     During the colder season our bodies crave richer foods because they have an inherited intuition to keep warm. Staying away from ice cold drinks (which kills valuable digestive enzymes in the stomach) and eating more soups, baked and cooked dishes will help satisfy this need and keep the body in balance.

2.     The cold whether effects our blood pH. The pH-sensitive enzymes that run our metabolism can’t work efficiently when they are not in the proper pH environment. Thus, eating a little bit more high quality protein, which will help raise the blood ph can help us stay warmer and slimmer. Eat more beans, eggs, fish, low fat poultry, quinoa, baked and boiled potatoes and cassava, as well as large amounts of vegetables and sip warm teas.

3.     Choose a large variety of foods, focusing on those with the most intense colors. (And I’m not talking about jellybeans and gummy bears.) Try to eat less starchy 
(rice, bread, cereal, crackers, chips, pasta, pizza) and less sweet foods, which slow the body down, suppress the metabolism making us even more prone to get lazy and gain weight.

4.     Try to eat about 50% raw and 50% cooked or baked foods. Even in winter, you do need the enzymes of raw foods to make your body work efficiently.

5.     When socializing in places with buffets, focus on the people instead of the food. Eat something before you go to the event so you won’t feel starved. Use small plates and fill them up with mostly healthy things and allow yourself only those very special holiday treats that you won’t eat at any other time of the year.

6.     One last cause of “winter laziness” and weight gain is that we tend to spend much less time moving. In order to avoid weight gain, staying active is crucial. Spending time (at least an hour) outside daily will help our body to adjust to the colder temperatures, strengthen our immune system, positively influence our hormonal system by making us feel more happy and more peaceful and help control weight. Why not drive a few hours to a ski area and develop new skills? Skating is a lot of fun, which exercises our brains and bodies. Bundle up and go for a walk on the beach or around a lake. When temperatures are not too cold, playing tennis or soccer is still possible. Go for a run in the snow. Have FUN!

For those of you who might need a little help in the area of weight management, the following two supplements will help you stay fit and healthy, shed fat;

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Most people using those products experience more energy, better digestion and regularity, weight loss, better stabilized blood sugar levels, improved cholesterol and triglycerides, improved skin tone.

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